Michael Thomas of Lucky Pierre walks across a city in a 24-hour period. At some point the he pauses to deliver his lecture SELF RELIANCE based on Ralph Waldo Emerson's lecture of the same name. During the presentation, the lecturer discusses aesthetics, walking, Sylvester, drone strikes, Afghan war dead, attractive young people; and Mr. Emerson tells us: “this new molecular philosophy goes to show that there are astronomical interspaces betwixt atom and atom; that the world is all outside: it has no inside.” Following the lecture the walk continues with lecture attendees. At some point we get tired and go into a bar and drink and talk. Emerson Takes a Walk has been walked and talked in Chicago, London, Budapest and New York.  Written and performed by Michael Thomas. Developed with the help of Kevin Kaempf and Mark Caffrey


(2010 - 2013)