Mary Zerkel, Edward Thomas-Herrera, Michael Thomas, Bill Talsma, Laura Stempel, Albert Smith, Ian Nulty, Ryan Noble, Matthew Nicholas, Sophie Nathan, Laura Murphy, Anni Movsisyan, Ross Middleton, Robert Metrick, Laura McDermott, Lora Lode, Heather Lindahl, Alisa Leiman, David Kodeski, Kevin Kaempf, David Isaacson, Lola Godoy, Gary Gardiner, Richard Fox, Alastair Flindall, Mel Evans, Samantha Cornelli, Robin Cline, Holly Abney


I Hate America! (I Love America):  Who Owns Myth, Pop, Money, Race, and Terror in the Land of the Free?  is a six month collaboration and conversation between artists in the UK and the US who have been researching, dissecting, celebrating and arguing about the United States.

Lucky Pierre initiated the project, bringing together thirty-one collaborators from both sides of the Atlantic who have been working together through email, Skype and a workshop process in London to produce the events that will take place simultaneously on November 30, 2013 at the Glass Factory in London and Defibrillator Gallery in Chicago.

Everyone hates America. Everyone loves America. Or everyone both loves and hates America. America has caused wars, economic destruction, and environmental disaster. America has preserved democracy, generously given to others, elected a black president, come to the aid of Britain. In this project, we will create a forum for non-American presenters to research and dissect, explore, discuss, protest, celebrate, and/or argue about America.


I Hate America! (I Love America): Who Owns Myth, Pop, Money, Race, and Terror in the Land of the Free? is produced by Lucky Pierre and supported by , a initiative in collaboration with . Additional funding for the project provided by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, New York.