lucky pierre free university

LPFU is a free university level cooperative/ collaborative research and learning environment  rethinking  and reconfiguring the institutional model of corporatized higher education - particularly the art school industry.  Offering both in person and on-line seminars, classes and discussion groups, the university is dedicated to exploring and working toward meaningful self-organized creative communities to  share experience and gain knowledge.

Lucky Pierre Free University (LPFU): through self-study, shared research, structured response, and creation of projects and events,  functions as an "artist" driven think tank.  


MASTERS OF NONE (upcoming)


Summer session class offered as part of Gallery 400's "Precarity: Contingency in Artmaking and Academia."  In this discussion/reading group, we will explore the varieties of precarity inherent  in current structures of creative practice.  The two sessions will be held Thursdays, July 21 & 28 at 6:30 PM.  Location to be announced later (we imagine it will be at a bar).


Fall Semester 2016.  Do you really need that MFA? Seminar exploring the connection between ever-expanding demands for artist credentials and the corporatization of the art school model.  We will read, discuss, create together.  The session will end with an all-day presentation/panel discussion between artists who have and have not completed their MFA.  For information about enrolling contact us at: